An open-source digital guide to portraying climate change 
on-screen, including story inspiration, cheat sheets, character profiles, solutions, and projections into the future.
If climate isn't in your story, it's science fiction.

Dorothy Fortenberry

Writer & Producer, The Handmaid's Tale

Cast of Characters

Logline: Scandal

Political Drama

A huge protest against an oil pipeline is raging outside the White House. When a famous Indigenous youth activist, Melanie, receives multiple death threats, Olivia wants to help but has a conflict of interest: Melanie has uncovered that President Grant’s campaign donors are major funders of fossil fuel pipelines.


Climate Mental Health

Logline: Bojack Horseman

Animated Comedy

BoJack goes to his high school reunion, only to discover all the monarch butterflies he was in drama club with have died. (Written by BoJack Horseman writer/producer Elijah Aron.)

Bojack Horseman


Logline: Preacher


Logline: Jesse Custer makes an uneasy alliance with Hitler, who, now that he’s taken over for Satan, is pissed that global warming lets the Damned not mind the fires of Hell as much. (Written by Preacher creator/EP/showrunner Sam Catlin.)

Our mission is to inspire, support, and accelerate stories in scripted TV and film that reflect the world we live in now—a world that's in a climate crisis.

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Plants and a dragonfly