The Power of Story

If facts and data were going to save us, 
we would’ve fixed this shit long ago.


The good news is we already have the science, technology, and policy solutions to deal with the climate crisis. What we don’t have: the public imagination to catalyze political will. Statistics, no matter how stark, don't spark transformation.

Stories do.


We cannot win without stories.

Flower and starburst

We need stories that help 
us make meaning of all of this.

Stories that help us navigate this intensifying reality—and 
the dark emotions that arise with it 
(fear, anxiety, grief, anger, despair).

Stories that let us see that we’re not alone.

(or being gaslit by the rest of the world)

Stories that allow us to see beauty and joy as an act of resistance to the chaos, suffering, and heartbreak.

Flower and starburst

Stories that light a path 
forward to a better future.

Stories that acknowledge and wrestle 
with the injustices of the climate crisis.

Stories that show how interconnected 
our struggles are.

Stories that show righteous rage 
at this absurd situation.

Stories that let us laugh at this absurd situation.

Stories that elevate the humanity and heroism 
of those fighting for solutions.

Stories that help us befriend 
the uncertainty of this unprecedented, fast-changing era.

Stories that honestly reflect 
our world as it is, and as it could be.


Perhaps most of all, we need stories that give us courage.


Stories help people process emotions, and when people are able to process their emotions, they are able to act.

We’re not asking you to approach writing with any kind of agenda, 
but we hope it’s helpful to know that your stories will make a difference.

Your stories will create change, inspire people to act, to have courage, to feel less afraid or alone.