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I was sincerely shocked by the breakthrough your questions gave me . . . This would be amazing for a writers’ room. The first prompt plus the pitch session was a bit of a mind-blow: I don’t need to preach the climate crisis through story, I just feed that reality into a show’s ‘machine’ . . . through our characters’ fear/want/folly. I fucking loved it.

Rachel Sondag

Actress, Producer, writer

In one-hour workshops, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to bring a Climate Lens™ to any story. Together, we will:

  • Investigate ways to incorporate climate change portrayals, including how climate might impact characters’ emotions and actions
  • Review case studies of how climate is showing up in TV and film today, from glimpses of climate impacts and solutions in setting, to brief mentions in dialogue, to climate-driven plots
  • Practice applying the Climate Lens™ through writing prompts and a mock writers’ room

There are so many ways climate can show up in any genre. What if Fleabag f*cked a climate denier? What if the Golden Girls got the house hurricane-proofed by some hunky workmen? What if Tony Soprano started selling counterfeit solar panels? We’re excited to explore all of the ways climate can enrich a story. And we’ll have fun in the process.

We also offer a 30 minute overview of climate on-screen storytelling, including our research findings and case studies of successful climate stories, tailored specifically to your team’s needs and goals.

We are happy to work with partners and interested groups to tailor our workshops and presentations to particular audiences.

The Climate Lens™️

Climate change is a generative lens through which to imagine any aspect of a story. We’re not talking about a separate genre; we’re talking about integrating climate into any and every storyline you’re already working on.

You don’t have to be an expert to integrate climate into a project, and you don’t have to be responsible for telling the whole climate story. By applying a climate lens to your project, we can help you organically unlock new touching, funny, and surprising portrayals, from brief mentions to climate themes—all of it backed by climate science and the emotional and lived realities of the climate crisis.

Climate is inherently intersectional. And it impacts historically marginalized groups first and worst. It touches on all the issues you’re already writing about. Good Energy harnesses expert knowledge of climate justice, psychology, science, futurism, and more, to help you tell the most compelling and authentic stories.

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About Good Energy

If climate isn’t in your story, it’s science fiction.
Dorothy Fortenberry
Writer & Producer, The Handmaid's Tale, Extrapolations

Our mission is to inspire, support, and accelerate stories in scripted TV and film that reflect the world we live in now—a world that's in a climate crisis.

Our team of climate experts and storytellers bridges the gap between climate experts, people on the front lines of the crisis, and writers looking to connect with modern viewers.

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