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We’re committed to great stories above all, in part because we’re huge fans of film and TV, and in part because we know that audiences will simply change the channel if a story seems inauthentic. When they snooze, we all lose. We steer clear of blatant moralizing, shoehorning ideas, and pushing stories in directions that risk becoming dull, preachy, or forced. Instead, we help writers apply a Climate Lens™ to their existing stories—no matter the topic, tone, or genre—to uncover how climate shows up organically for their characters and heightens the drama.

We work with writers, studios, networks, production companies, and TV and film projects on a custom basis, providing the tools and support that will best serve your project. You can bring us on board at any stage of your process, from development to production to marketing.


We will generate research briefs on any topic you need. Each brief will be tailored to explore dramatic potential, rather than presenting a dry collection of facts.


We will connect you to leading experts in a variety of fields, from climate psychologists to futurists to scientists to people with a wide range of lived experience.

Writers' Room Visits

We will help you uncover potential climate elements within your show, from how characters might respond to climate change in everyday situations to the exactitudes of disaster fallout. We will answer writers’ questions at any point in the process and make ourselves available for periodic check-ins throughout. Our first visit is complimentary.

Script Review

We will review your script with an eye toward the accuracy of your portrayals, as well as unique and surprising places to include climate. Whether it’s adding climate solutions in your setting, introducing climate-related conflict, or examining dialogue in a climate-sensitivity read, we’ll ensure your script features seamlessly integrated and fact-checked climate portrayals.


We’ll work with creators to incorporate climate from the conception or treatment stage, with a focus on character responses to the elements of climate change you’re most interested in. Whatever genre, scientific field, time period, or tone you want to explore, we’ll be right there with you, providing the necessary information and guidance.

Comprehensive Climate Lens™️ Analysis

Our keystone service is an organized, incisive brief that interprets your story in the context of the climate crisis. Each tailored report may reflect on setting, climate impacts, solutions, psychology, health, weather, architecture, leisure, fashion, food, technology, or any other part of life as it relates to your show in the age of climate change. This can be applied to shows already on-air or in early stages of development.

The Climate Lens™️

Climate change is a generative lens through which to imagine any aspect of a story. We’re not talking about a separate genre; we’re talking about integrating climate into any and every storyline you’re already working on.

You don’t have to be an expert to integrate climate into a project, and you don’t have to be responsible for telling the whole climate story. By applying a climate lens to your project, we can help you organically unlock new touching, funny, and surprising portrayals, from brief mentions to climate themes—all of it backed by climate science and the emotional and lived realities of the climate crisis.

Climate is inherently intersectional. And it impacts historically marginalized groups first and worst. It touches on all the issues you’re already writing about. Good Energy harnesses expert knowledge of climate justice, psychology, science, futurism, and more, to help you tell the most compelling and authentic stories.

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About Good Energy

If climate isn't in your story, it's science fiction
Dorothy Fortenberry
Writer & Producer, The Handmaid's Tale, Extrapolations

Good Energy is a nonprofit story consultancy for the age of climate change. Our mission is to inspire, support, and accelerate stories in scripted TV and film that reflect the world we live in now—a world that's in a climate crisis.

Our team of climate experts and storytellers bridges the gap between climate experts, people on the front lines of the crisis, and writers looking to connect with modern viewers. We’re proud to partner with the CAA Foundation, Participant Media, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Sierra Club, IllumiNative, and so many others.

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