Good Energy is a story consultancy for the age of climate change. Our mission is to inspire, support, and accelerate stories in scripted TV and film that reflect the world we live in now—and help us envision a better future.

Climate change is the biggest story in our world.

And yet, the vast majority of these stories remain untold.

Only 2.8 percent of scripted shows and movies released between 2016 and 2020 mention anything related to climate change. And only 0.56 percent include the term “climate change.” 

We plan to change that. Drastically. Our goal is to raise that number to 50 percent by 2025.

Here’s what we know: facts don’t change people—stories do.

We’re a group of writers, artists, academics, and advocates who understand the human side of climate change. We bridge the gap between climate experts, people on the front lines of the crisis, and storytellers looking to connect with modern viewers.

We are here to support writers in portraying the climate crisis in any storyline, across every genre, to create relevant, authentic, and, above all, entertaining stories.

Suspense, drama, hope, and even humor are all experiences that climate stories can unlock.

Story-driven and storyteller led.

  • Above all, you want to tell great stories. We understand because we’re storytellers ourselves. We know that blatant moralizing and shoehorning ideas where they don’t fit won’t result in a great story. Which is why we work closely with writers to generate ideas that are genuinely compelling and tied to character. We work on a spectrum from brief mentions to character drive. We’ll explore ways to raise the stakes, deepen and complicate characters, and reveal unexpected twists and turns by using the “climate lens.”

An extraordinary library of experts and network of partners.

  • We have partners across the climate space, from cultural institutions to policy wonks to frontline and grassroots organizations, to provide a diverse knowledge base and help you generate ideas that are relevant to your story. We know that you need more than facts to get started—you need source material that inspires, connections to real people with lived experience, the input of experts who can speak knowledgeably about the issues, and a team to help you think through all of the ramifications for your characters.

Real-life inspiration.

  • From the dark obsessions of climate scientists, to the unlikely heroes who are moved to dramatic action, to climate impacts like scorpion attacks and blood snow, we provide a wild array of raw material that will inspire new ideas. Climate change makes for incredible content, and we’re just getting started.

Commitment to justice and intersectionality.

  • Climate change intersects with issues of racial and social justice, and it disproportionately affects historically marginalized communities first and worst, including BIPOC, refugees, women, children, older people, people in poor health, people with disabilities, and people living in poverty. To build a more just and equitable future, we must tell the stories of those hardest hit by the crisis, and storytellers from those communities must be at the forefront of telling them. This awareness informs everything we do, including our partnerships, giving you a window into people’s lived experiences, struggles, and courage on the front lines.

Few people get the chance to be a part of something so new and so vital. Good Energy and its mission are that chance. Climate change is an unprecedented challenge, and surviving, even thriving, will require unprecedented creativity. Stories are the path to our future.

This is Hollywood’s role of a lifetime: to inspire courage in the face of climate change. It all starts with a great story.

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